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1月 31, 2008

Pancakes (Slight Return)

& amazingly easy to do a double post if you’re as low tech as me-what is this intra-web thing anyway? But yes, pancakes… a mixture of flour,eggs,bit of salt,butter and milk and delicious with lemon and sugar or Maple Syrup. You’re also supposed to toss the pancake in the air while cooking it and catch it in the frying pan but this is beyond my dexterity nine times out of ten. As is making a successful post so I’m going to quit while I’m ahead.

Niall, Master of Technology

1月 31, 2008
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I’m looking forward to cooking pancakes next Tuesday (Feb 5th-‘Shrove Tuesday’, I think!). They’re very easy to make

1月 31, 2008
Mina Pearson

Kaijin lunch event


There was a lunch event in our Kaijin school today. Neil cooked some English dishes for the students who attended. They told me that their image of English dishes was that they were not so delicious but they discovered that that image was wrong! Well done, Neil, because you are a good cook!

I missed the chance to take a photo when they were eating some dishes!

1月 30, 2008
Mina Pearson
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Smoky Java(coffee)

I had some of our smoky Java coffee yesterday. I sometimes have it at home but I don’t make it the proper way. I use a normal coffee- maker but I had some of the proper staff at our cafe yesterday. The taste was really fantastic! It really suits the cold weather, I think.


1月 29, 2008
Mina Pearson
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Lunch event

There’s a lunch event in Kaijin tomorrow Neil’s making a delicious English lunch from the starter to a cup of coffee.

1月 29, 2008
Mina Pearson
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Kaijin kids students

Hello, everybody!

Today was the kid’s lessons day. Although it was really freezing they were so energetic!

During the lessons, they said “Please stop the heater! It’s too hot!” One of them surprisingly said ” I feel too hot! Can I open the windows?”

1月 29, 2008








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1月 29, 2008


I went to Ueno Zoo on Sunday-it was quite cold but sunny as well so not too freezing. I really enjoyed watching the penguins and polar bears and it was nice to walk in the park afterwards as well. Last time I went to Ueno in the summer, I couldn’t see the polar bears it was so crowded! Are there any other good zoos to visit locally or further away in Japan?

1月 29, 2008
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1月 29, 2008

Leek and Potato Soup

Hello, everyone!

Last month, we held a combined ‘chat while you cook’ lesson, a new event for us. We made leek and potato soup. Fortunately, the soup turned out quite well, I think, and we enjoyed eating it very much , so if you’d like to join, feel free to contact the school.

Neil Pearson