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10月 6, 2009
Apple Juice! はコメントを受け付けていません

Apple Juice!









4月 2, 2008
Mina Pearson
For my mail magazine readers はコメントを受け付けていません

For my mail magazine readers


Lucy went to Nakameguro to have a cherry blossom party with her friends last weekend.

When they were having it, it was quite windy and cold.

However, the Japanese female group which was next to them had a portable heater and some blankets! Luckily, those people kindly asked Lucy’s group if they wanted to join them. Needless to say, they happily did so.

That Japanese female group was interested in English and English culture and Lucy’s group was also interested in Japanese and Japanese culture so all of them really had a great time together!

4月 1, 2008
Mina Pearson





4月 1, 2008
Mina Pearson

Tan Tan men.

image004.jpg  Don’t you sometimes really want to eat “Tan Tan men”?

I do! When I had this kind of feeling, one of my friends sent this photo to me!

4月 1, 2008
Mina Pearson
Kid’s Lesson はコメントを受け付けていません

Kid’s Lesson

200803291755000.jpg200803310428000.jpg Look at those photos of one of our Kinshicho kids’ class students.

Niall normally teaches her. She’s really fond of Niall so she wanted to play with him more after her lesson.

She also enjoys our scones and English tea. She gave me a thank you letter.

How sweet she is!

3月 31, 2008
Mina Pearson


I went to Itoyokado to get something I needed but when I was walking towards the store, I suddenly remembered that there was a quick massage place, so I went straight there.

There was only a masseuse available at that time. Actually, I prefer masseurs as I love a strong powerful massage but I needed one so I decided to have one anyway.

To my surprise, she turned out to be really good!!!!! I mean she was excellent, I must say! She could perfectly understand my body condition and the strength of her massage was really perfect for me!

After that, I felt really refreshed! I’ll definitely  go back there again!

3月 27, 2008
Mina Pearson

My hands are in danger again!!!

My wrists and fingers have been uncomfortable recently!

Have I got one again?

No way!!!

I should have a massage, hopefully, tonight!

3月 21, 2008
Mina Pearson
雨だ~! はコメントを受け付けていません



Hello, eveybody!

It’s raining again~~~!!!

I suppose I should post another photo which will make you forget the awful weather!

3月 19, 2008
Mina Pearson
For my mail magazine readers はコメントを受け付けていません

For my mail magazine readers


Let’s go Dutch!=割勘にしましょう!*’オランダ式で行きましょう’という意味なんです。でも、なぜ、オランダ?と思いますよね?それは、イギリス人がオランダ人のきっちりした国民性を皮肉って言ったのが始まりのようです。

Let me pay here.=ここは、私に払わせて

It’s my turn, isn’t it?=私の番だよね?

No, no. It’s okay. I’ll get it/them.=だめ、だめ。大丈夫です。私が払います。*単数形のものを払うのであれば、”it” 。複数形のものであれば、”them”になります。

自分の代金がわかっている場合は”Here’s my share”と言って、お金を渡す。

3月 17, 2008
Mina Pearson