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4月 23, 2009

Neil’s Birthday Bash

Thanks to everyone who came to my (50th!! Bah!!) birthday “bash” last Saturday. I had a great time and I hope you all did too. I really enjoyed playing the songs that we performed for you, but I’m no virtuoso – as you must know too well. However, the other band members make up for my inability, so thanks to them too! They give me strength and are always an inspiration to play with, so I really hope we can go on making music together until we drop! It was also wonderful to hear Kitasan and Osozawasan playing so brilliantly – an absolute privilege, in fact. I could listen to them all day.

On the (50th!! Bah!!) birthday front, I’d also like to thank everyone who kindly gave me  presents. I was so touched. I’ve already consumed a number of them, but I’d like to feature the flowers presented to me by some of Mina’s Kaijin “senior” students. Not “senior” at all in my book – spring chickens, in fact, and a real pleasure to know. Anyway, they presented me with the most beautiful, sensational bouquet of flowers. The orange roses in particular were stunning. I’ve never seen anything like them before. Gorgeous! But the whole ensemble was something else! Mina did a great job arranging them in vases. Here are some photographs – taken on my recalcitrant mobile phone, but I hope they give you an idea!






4月 19, 2009
Mina Pearson
Neil’s Birthday Live! はコメントを受け付けていません

Neil’s Birthday Live!

It was so enjoyable!!!!!!


私達バンドメンバーも全員、かなり盛り上がり、その日はsecond partyは朝の4時半まで盛り上がってしまいました!

これからも、皆さんにThe English Villageに来て、楽しかった、嫌なことが忘れられたと言って頂けるようなinteresting placeにしようと思っています!



4月 6, 2009
Mina Pearson

My hairdresser’s friend

I went to her house tonight.

We just couldn’t stop laughing about the life we’ve been living, which has been dead busy for both of us.

Beacuse of that, we’ve both been so forgetful and scatterbrained!!!

I enjoyed talking to her. I hadn’t seen her for a couple of months but I want to see her sooner next time!!

4月 6, 2009
Mina Pearson
Band Practice!!! はコメントを受け付けていません

Band Practice!!!

We practised for a long time last Satuday. In the end, we were so hungry I got some ready-to-eat ” Hanami dishes” which we enjoyed eating!

I’m sure we can give you a lot of pleasure and happiness on the 11th of April!

Please join us!

4月 3, 2009
Mina Pearson

Long time no see!!!



私は思わず、“Welcome back!!”